Cooking Lessons

5 days (4 nights) with cooking lessons, local culture, alternative activities, Mediterranean cuisine, 4 nights in our hotel with relaxation and pure Greek hospitality.

Arrival at Argo Hotel-Studios, beach walking, relaxing, and exploring the village.
Dinner at Argo Restaurant

Day by day we can arrange some activities which could be of the following ones :

  • We depart for a farmer’s market or a producer’s market of our area where we will take our fresh vegetables.
    If it is still early in the season and we can’t find a producer, we pick fresh spinach, herbs e.t.c from the hotel’s garden.
  • We depart all together and we will visit a local CHEESE FACTORY.
    We will be guided around. After the tour, we take the cheese for the cooking lesson.
    You can also purchase local cheese in an air-sealed bag that can be easily carried back home.
  • We depart for our own fishing adventure. We take a local fisherman’s boat and we collect the nets with him.
    Later we sail the Aegean to see some beautiful coves nearby.
  • We depart for a visit to a nearby pasta factory where we will see the whole production procedure and after we will make pasta on our own.
    We bring flour, spinach, carrots, etc in, and we get our pasta when we leave.
  • We will depart for a local brewery where they make different labels for each day of the week.

The cooking lessons during your stay could include some of the following recipes:

  • stuffed tomatoes and peppers,
  • cheese pies,
  • authentic Greek salad,
  • grilled fishes we caught in the morning,
  • fish soup,
  • shrimp saganaki,
  • ntakos
  • baklavas
  • pasteli (small pieces of sesame and honey, the Greek version of the energy-bars),
  • homemade pasta with veal,
  • omelet with ostrich eggs (from the ostriches of our farm),
  • tzatziki,
  • moussaka, etc.

For the Gastronomic Package, please contact us here: Tel: +30 22230 58502, or by email to: .